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The perfect gift for first day at school.

The Tale of the Pencil the Eraser and the Pencil Sharpener

The Tale of the Pencil, the Eraser and the Pencil-Sharpener

Little Sebastian just doesn’t feel like studying. Every day, he is supposed to do reading and
writing exercises, and on top of that, he even has to sit still! But he would like to play with
his friends outside in the garden rather than to study. One day his mother buys a new pencil,
a thick eraser and a pencil-sharpener. And the three have to experience for themselves how
it feels not to be much loved at all. But how are they supposed to teach the little boy Sebastian?
Pencil, Eraser and Pencil-Sharpener are clueless – until that special day …
This is a story that makes you smile and think – and it is not only for children who are just
starting school. For some parents it will be comforting that they are not alone
with their every day experiences … and every parent has been waiting for such a special day.

Including exercise!

Knight Titus and the dragon Cockish

Little Titus likes to play knight. And as is proper for a real knight, his room looks rather like a battlefield and not like a childrens room.
For what reason should he clear up if tomorrow the next knights game begins?
To escape the admonitions of the parents, Titus forges a plan. However, something goes wrong. It becomes the greatest fight of the little knight Titus.
An exciting book about the order in the childrens room and the fact that ghosts do not like to disappear if one has called them.

Text by: Gerd Sobtzyk / Uwe Stöcker
Illustrations by: Heike Georgi
ISBN: 978-3-938932-04-9
Paperback 14,0 cm x 17,5 cm
36 pages with coloured illustrations
Price: 4,90 Euro